The Intercessory Prayer team has existed at CCC since our beginnings 37 years ago, in one form or another.  They are a group with a heart for prayer and spiritual gift to pray for others within the quietness of their own prayer time. Recently, the group has expanded to include Pastor Jonathan and the Elders with the inspiration to cover the entire congregation in prayer regularly. 

Each CCC family has been named to an Intercessor who is committed to pray for the family members during the week. The Intercessors will also pray for our employees, our leadership, our tenants, our church’s ministries and missions. If you feel called to join the Intercessory Prayer team, please contact Pastor Jonathan or an Elder.


Daily at 1:25pm, members of the congregation are invited to recite the Breakthrough Prayer, wherever you are, with other CCC members and family. Why 1:25pm? It is 13:250 military time; 13250 is our church address, an easy time to remember and a breakthrough connection to our church family.