Reverend Jonathan Lee

My calling is to be a life-time minister and missionary. I experienced God’s clear and direct calling. I believe that for Christians, the time when they become a Christian is the time that God calls them to His ministry. Since my first experience of Jesus as my personal Savior, I have strongly held the vision and calling to be God’s servant. Daily, I thank God for the fact that God identified me as His servant for His kingdom not because of my ability but because of His great love, which saved me as I am. I have prepared for my ministry not only for a church but also for the world, which God has shown me as His mission field.

My family and extended family have always been the major priority of my life. My wife (Diane) and I have maintained a happy marriage about 20 years, and our sons- Nathan and Caleb, have provided us with a great joy, passion, and love. Having the advice and support from my extended family members are also a great advantage for us. We love traveling and exercising together.